"OK, Google -┬áPeace antonyms" War (noun): The fusion of fragility and concrete Here, concrete is his heart. These words, so fragile! Types 'Synonyms of Heart' Heart (noun) : Callous (adj.) Usage - His heart is so callous. Question: 'What is fragile?' Answer: Emotions that birth words Google suggestion - Try Poetry. War (noun): The fusion... Continue Reading →


I speak not of the temple that pushed me away as I bled ; I speak of the one that stands prominently between my legs. My mother sighed in pain as my helpless life wiggled out from there. That temple so holy, stands account of my birth and my sister's death. She was only thirteen... Continue Reading →

Price of Her Body

I still remember the pace with which she unwrapped me bare ; I could sense that, her hands were in a hurry to hold the crisp cash But, were bound to bring light to the nooks of my body. Her eyes were not in a rush though, They were casting a spell on their own.... Continue Reading →

Wannabe Wanderer

There is a girl I know, who is not a wanderer Not completely, not yet. Because, her hashtags are not followed by lost nor is she a person who wants to click pictures on a hilltop She is not lost. Because, she still belongs to the orderly haywire The only thing she does wonderfully is... Continue Reading →


The moonlight kissing comfort, The breeze singing lullabies, There we lay under the stars that gazed us, The sky, dark and deep was its shade. I then asked him "Who is a woman to you?" Playful as he always is, he said "A Woman is body!" as he fondled with my breasts. I turned into... Continue Reading →

Losing My Muse

Not long ago had I begun to write, Penning down my flickering thoughts, Voicing my life's bouts, Quenching my logophilic thirst and doubts. "What compels you to write?" Asked my people a several times. I myself wondered, why! Is it all my hearts cry? And then! It all stops. Stranded I am midst some inaudible... Continue Reading →

I’m speaking to YOU

You The Adult 1st August, 20XX You The Unborn Self-respected me, Subject : Conveying matters you should know as you grow up. This letter is formally being sent to you so that, whatever I tell you today must sound stern, commanding and hit your soul. It is not a collection or presentation of some rhyming... Continue Reading →

Praying for Manchester

Come on! Let's hand every single person a gun. Let's shoot everyone. Let's bleed to death and leave things done. I mean, what is this quest we're heading on? Robbery, mockery, bombs and terrorism? Wake up people! Let this not be our doom. We have a long way to go with peace, love and fun.... Continue Reading →

Not That Girl

Still, hushed, docile ; Biddable, amenable, pliable ; Wounded, damaged, maimed : No! I'm not that girl. Alluringly haywired ; Fondly fostering the demon within ; Bafflingly uncanny : Yes! That is what defines me. I've never been the one wtih whom, You'd want to be friends with. Not the one who could solace you,... Continue Reading →

Ache Of Letting Go

They were the worst heartaches of all, The aches of letting you go. How tranquil would it be if I could at least, Pretend to forget you! But, my memories have chosen to be chaotic, By keeping you alive. The memories still continue to be reckless They hope you'll return But, what shall this poor... Continue Reading →

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